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Nov 14, 2013 6:00pm EST
their current plans. aircraft from a massive u.s. carrier ship have joined the relief effort for typhoon haiyan , bringing supplies to those who were left without food or clean water for nearly a week. the official death toll stands at 2357, but expected to rise. initial estimates had well over 10,000 may have died. the philippines health minister has warned it is unlikely all of the dead will be identified. kerryary of state john appeared before congress on wednesday to urge a delay of new sanctions on iran. lawmakers from both already's have vowed to move ahead with a measure targeting iranian oil exports despite the recent progress in talks between iran, the u.s., and five other world powers. speaking to the senate banking committee, john kerry said targeting iran undermines negotiations. >> our hope now is no new sanctions will be put in place for the civil reason that if they are, it could be viewed as bad faith by the people we are negotiating with, it could destroy the ability to be able to get agreement, and it could wind up setting us back in dialogue that has taken 30 years to be able
Al Jazeera America
Nov 28, 2013 5:00pm EST
for insurance. >>> lighting of the national menorah at the white house. u.s. air force band taking part in that celebration. >>> it's looking like black friday already. now there is a chance of bargains. major retailers opening their doors today to kick off the holiday shopping season on one y early. for information on news around the world go to until then, happy thanksgiving, and happe happy hanukkah. >> it's thanksgiving, and perhaps you're washing counsel your turkey and stuffing with a nice handcrafted american beer. millions are enjoying flavors and styles made by the industry on the rise here. i'm ray suarez. the american craft brewing is ththe "inside story." >> there is little known american industry boiling with growth, creating jobs and frothing with potential. we're talking about american craft beer. not in more than a hundred years has there been as many production breweries as there are today. as consumers search for new flavors, coor's and budweiser, the handmade beers brewed across the country are generating billions of dollars in retail sales. now com
Al Jazeera America
Nov 6, 2013 9:00am EST
in the middle east. >>> this is free solo climbing or scaling a mountain without a rope. to us non-climbers, the best free soloist in the world will tell us what it's like to climb a mountain with nothing but your bear hands and chalk. welcome to "consider this." new jersey governor chris christie with an historic win in a big blue state. and in virginia agency race it was a suspenseful night with a race between a democrat and a conservative republican. it's where tea partyers got top billing. we'll take a sneak peek of staying power tha , and the seismic shift to the left. i'm joined which jeff warren, and bill snyder, professor at george washington university. they're both in our washington, d.c. studios, and here in studio with me is tom doherty, former senior adviser to george pataki. bill, let's start with you. chris christie, a big win. but when you look at the exit polls in a hypothetical match up to hillary clinton he would lose in his own state. >> it tells us that new jersey is still a blue state, and hillary clinton is still a very popular figure there. look, christie wo
Al Jazeera America
Nov 1, 2013 7:00am EDT
in the initial days of the troubled website. >> a stunning admission by the u.s., john kerry admits some surveillance has gone too far, just as giant tech companies push back against the government. >> the bottom line is people are going to go hungry. >> the federal cuts making it harder for struggling families to put food on the table. >> a threatened species makes a comeback. the salmon population is pushed toward record numbers. >> good morning, good to have you with us on this friday with that welcome to aljazeera america. >> for more than a month now, the obama administration has been saying how many millions of people have visited the health care website, but they have kept quiet about exactly how many have enrolled, insisting they do not have those numbers. >> new documents show the white house has a pretty good idea. >> even the president admits has problems. >> the website is too slow, too many people have gotten stuck. >> just how many people have gotten stuck or how many ever enrolled are figures the obama administration has been denying the public for days now.
Al Jazeera America
Nov 21, 2013 1:00pm EST
h. this is al jazeera. >> hello there, welcome our top stories. any deal keeping u.s. troops won't get final approval until after he leaves office. >> with all the news from europe, as three women are freed by police in london, after being held as slaves for 30 years. and no release, ukraine's refuses and drops plans for a landmark trade deal with europe. also ahead, go home. somali refugees in kenya have told they have to leave, they say that will put them back in danger. and on the frail of the lizard kings. the world's most notorious wild life trafficker. afghanistan's president has announced he won't sign an agreement to keep u.s. troops there after next year. they should support the deal, but that he would leave it to the next president to give its final approval. elections are due in 24 teen. one of the most contention issues in the security packet is giving u.s. troops immunity from prosecution under afghan law. as well as the right to self-defense. but only if forces ask them to, and finally troops numbers. if the draft is signed up to 15,000 american soldiers could stay
Nov 21, 2013 3:00am EST
minister argued for a --e active western european we had theink example of the use of chemical weapons in syria and it was the american president who had to persuade prime minister cameron. prime minister cameron already saw the need for action. in both countries, public opinion was extremely cautious. a majority was opposed to any form of direct military action, which is what came through here. that was ultimately the reason why american policy evolved as it did. even before the american position eve alt, my immediate reaction -- evolved, my immediate reaction was that it the type ofange relationship we have with america in one go. watching the american reaction in the days ahead for the president felt it necessary to consult congress. had there been a congressional vote, it it would have been touch and go. numbers and the house looked to be negative. in terms of having the u.k. and ,he u.s. at a popular level there is quite a shared set of views in the world we are in after afghanistan. the house of commons vote as having a negative vote on the u.k.-u.s. relations. the u.s. was in th
Nov 8, 2013 5:00am PST
we're following this hero. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is joining talks in geneva to try to help negotiators reach a deal over iran's nuclear program. >>> authorities in china have the man they expect was involved in a deadly bombing outside a communist party building. >>> and the strongest typhoon of the year has hit the philippines and residents are running for cover. >>> the u.s. secretary of state is joining talks over iran's nuclear program. john kerry is trying to assist negotiators from iran and six major countries reach a breakthrough deal. kerry changed his schedule and flew to geneva after a visit to the middle east. iranian negotiators are meeting with their counterparts from the u.s., russia, china, britain, france, and germany. the negotiators from the six countries want iran to scale back its uranium enrichment program to alleviate concerns over the country's suspected development of nuclear weapons. in return, the u.s. and other countries say they might consider relaxing sanctions that crippled iran's economy. u.s. president barack obama says there is a pos
Al Jazeera America
Nov 11, 2013 4:00pm EST
it the most. >> jonathan appreciate it, thank you. >>> nancy lindborg is with us, the assistant administrator for the u.s. agency for international development and she joins us now from washington, d.c. nancy good to see you. thank you for your time. i'm wondering if those c-130s, there is a u.s. base as i recall in the philippines. are those c-130s upon their way to those hard hit areas? >> well, in fact, we prepositioned some of our disaster assistance response team in the philippines, you know we monitor these storm systems and knew things were coming forward. we already have people on the ground who have been doing assessments for the last few days. we have mobilized military assets to help bring in early supplies as well to do the flyovers that help us understand really what is the extent of the damage. >> tacloban. tell us what you are hearing from your teams on the ground about how deaf stated that city is. -- dech state -- 27 stated that -- dpe. >> literally 80 to 90% devastated. this is one of the most fears storms to land and -- fierce storms to land and it has taken a huge and deva
Al Jazeera America
Nov 26, 2013 4:00pm EST
who possess that right, but they are using the right to religious liberty as a way to carve out noncompliance with civil rights that are well established under the constitution, or are well established as public norms against discrimination. >> today the white house release add statement saying the affordable care act already protects these believes. the administration does not think that corporate ceos should make health decisions for individuals. all right, a little bit more on that white house statement. let's do that right now. he is at the white house, and mike, the white house as randall noted is quick to put a statement out on this. >> sure, they point out they themselves asked the street to review the change to the law. of course the street announced they are going to do just that. let's do more from that statement. the healthcare law puts womens and families in control by covering vital preventive care, like cancer screenings and birth control free of charge. and then it goes on we believe this requirement is essential to women's health, and are confident the street wil
Oct 31, 2013 5:00pm PDT
in their respective countries. here to give us a little more insight on how the church was responding to the allegations, i was joined by jimmy aiken. i started by asking him how detrimental this was with u.s. relations with the vatican. >> i don't think they're particularly detrimental. the attitude that father lombardi displayed in his statement i think is pretty cal of what you would expect. -- pretty typical of what you would expect. the italian press is pretty rumor fed. you can't place any confidence in what it says normally. but in this case, we know that all the major world powers spy on all the other major world powers all the time. i don't think the report is particularly endowed. i would assume na that the -- that the n.s.a. is spying on every country like. >> i mean, what do you really make of that response? >> i think the difference is because of what the vatican is. if you're a normal country like germany or england or france, you know the u.s. is spying on you. but when that comes to the attention of the press you want to act outraged to reassure your population that yo
Al Jazeera America
Nov 21, 2013 6:00am EST
>>> sealing the deal the u.s. and afghanistan reach a tentative agreement that will keep thousand of american troops there after 2014. now hamid karzai must sell the idea to tribal leaders. >> trey raydull takes a leave of absence after pleading guilty to drug possession. >> and rising from the ashes, a volcanic eruption in japan creates an island in the pacific ring of fire. >> good morning and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. the future of american troops in afghanistan is being decided by a group of afghan tribal leaders. afghan and american leaders said yes to a security deal and today afghan president hamid karzai is pushing a council to accept it. the decision now lies with the loya jirga. >> translation: you are here representing the afghan nation. i was under pressure not to organise the loya jirga. when it comes to issues of national significance it is important to hold the jirgas. >> up to 15,000 troops could remain in the region if the security pact is signed, including 8,000-12,000 american troops. >> it is entirely train, equip and assist - there is no
Nov 18, 2013 6:00am PST
in charge of is bringing a new spokesperson on board who used to handle communications. he is taking over. they reported that the college paper at george wash tweeted an alumnus landed what is arguably the worst job in washington. thanks. the president will hold a conference calls trying to shore up support as the domestic policy achievement is in danger of becoming a punch line. >>> you feeling depressed? run down? like you just can't win? are you the president of the united states? ask your doctor for paxil. second term strength. the only anti-depressant strong enough for an embattled second term. >> even the president's adviser acknowledged the president has to restore confidence and do it quickly. >> when the website gets fixed and it will, you have to say what do i need? you have to implement this and it regains trust. >> health care as an issue is not going away. that means they are necessarily ready to reward the other. in iowa, paul ryan tried to channel anger saying that the next time you have a famous politician breezing through iowa, let's be a little more skepti
Nov 18, 2013 2:00pm EST
living this program cause the u.s. house is about a gavel in and members will start their legislative day and hold one minute speeches on any topic. legislative work starts at 5:00 eastern. members will debate by bills including one to create a website to list all government any votes requested will take place at 6:30 eastern. now, live to the house for. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray. loving and gracious god, we give you thanks for giving us another day. help us this day to draw closer to you so that with your spirit and aware of your presence among us, we may all face the tasks of this day. bless the members of the people's house. help them to think clearly, speak confidently and act courageously in the belief that all noble service is based upon patience, truth and love. may they be great enough to be humble and good enough to keep their faith always regarding public office as a sacred trust. give them the courage and the wisdom to fail not their fellow ci
Nov 20, 2013 5:00pm PST
you for joining us, that is it for us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. >>> good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, and this evening, just a few hours ago the senate came to another one of its truly embarrassing avoidable standoffs. and it happened even though democrats and republicans had previously agreed on how to proceed on competing legislation. legislation over one of the biggest issues facing our country today. here is what happened. the one big thing that the senate needs to do before the thanksgiving break is pass the national authorization act of the defense bill. and this year, that bill is the terrain of one of the most interesting david and goliath battles. last year alone, an estimated 26,000 instances of unwanted sexual contact, including aggravated sexual assault and rape, according to a survey of active duty members of the military. the defense department estimates that 86 and a half percent of these violent sexual crimes go unreported. and there is a clear-cut disagreement on how to report, prosecute and prevent the sexual assaults in the military.
Al Jazeera America
Nov 29, 2013 11:30am EST
i i am del walters. "inside story" is next. always check us out at story." story." >> there is little known >> there is little known american industry boiling with american industry boiling with growth, creating jobs and growth, creating jobs and frothing with potential. frothing with potential. we're talking about american we're talking about american craft beer. craft beer. not in more than a hundred years not in more than a hundred years has there been as many has there been as many production breweries as there production breweries as there are today. are today. as consumers search as consumers search for new for new flavors, coor's and budweiser, flavors, coor's and budweiser, the handmade beers brewed across the handmade beers brewed across the country are generating the country are generating billions of dollars in retail billions of dollars in retail sales. sales. now comes word that a kansas now comes word that a kansas city icon boulevard brewing has city icon boulevard brewing has been sold to a huge belgium been sold to a huge belgium brewer, and some
Al Jazeera America
Nov 30, 2013 5:00pm EST
to neat with merrill newman today. it comes as the u.s. is calling for the 85-year-old's release due to health and anal. north korea today released a video tape shot on november 9th shoeg merrill newman apoll chising for his role -- apologising sfor his role in the korean war. >> protests turned deadly, one killed and others hurt when gunshots from fired. >> 35 protesters in kiev arrested. they were demonstrating at independence square. police entered the crowds, swinging batons. protesters want the government to sign an agreement strengthening their relationship with pt european union. >> syria war has caused 2.2 million to flee to other countries. halve are children. i'm jonathan betz. for more go to beer. 200 million barrels are brewed in the u.s. annually. but not all beer is the same. craft beer is not your father's suddens. craft does not belong in your red to go cup. you don't chuck, you sip, you savor it. >> i love craft beer because it is very delicious, and it is constantly evolving, and it has many different behavior flavors, and i feel that i'm i'm constan
Al Jazeera America
Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm EDT
at los angeles international airport. an u.s. drone strike kills the leader of a pakistani taliban. and the prime minister of iraq asks president obama for more help in ending violence in his country. ♪ >> there are still plenty of questions after a shooting at one of the nation's busiest airports. it happened near a security check point. terminal three at los angeles international airport, one tsa agent was killed, three others were wounded. the gunman was taken into custody after a shootout. officers. the investigators say they don't think anyone else was involved. >> we believe at this point that there was a loan shooter, that he acted at least right now, he was the only person armed in this incident. >> brian rooney joins us live from los angeles international airport. brian, good to see you. if you would, bring us up to speed for the very latest. >> reporter: the airport, tony, is still mostly shutdown. occasionally a flight lands but there is none taking off. i think a passenger just passed me. there was a stream of passengers coming by on the rode way going into the airpor
FOX Business
Nov 3, 2013 2:30am EST
and border security subcommittee. congressman, great to have you with us. let's start with, if we may, obama care. this president lied. his administration lied. and persisted over a period of more than three years in maintaining the fiction that people could keep their insurance plans if they chose. your reaction? >> well, i hate it for my fellow citizens, but there were lots of voices warning that what he was saying was just not going to be a true or a lie or mendacious or whatever synonym you want to use. and that's not the only mischaracterization. your premiums are going to be higher, and your coverage is going to be worse. you would think at a certain point, politics aside, that people would get tired to by being lied to by people in positions of power whether that's the president, the head of the nas, the attorney general, but we had an election a couple years ago, and the calls in part, he perpetrated this myth, he was re-elected. >> and speaking of myths being perpetrated and this administration responding in peculiar ways, marilyn tavvenner, the centers for medicaid and medicaid ser
Nov 9, 2013 12:30am EST
was able to be used at the time. you had the oil fields blossoms say 1914-1918 period. at its peak producing 300,000 barrels a day accounting for almost one in every five barrels produced in oklahoma and almost 5% of total u.s. marketed production. it was really just a field.cant booming oil you often think about it, i think about it in modern accounts of what north dakota is experiencing. think about this boom in cushing, as we have had previous successful fields to our north and east between cushing and tulsa, and so as the boom moved its way really became a drilling exploration focused town. the production just far outpaced what could be consumed and it became a gnat ral thought to begin building storage facilities, pipeline gathering facilities, and that so the nascent stages of the nod rn infrastructure that sits behind us this morning. host: what part does it play today in the oil industry? guest: the cushing hub is still violetly important. you think about -- vitally important. think about it, it is a marketplace, it is the marketplace, the benchmark price setting place for
Nov 27, 2013 7:00am EST
motors gives an update on the u.s. auto industry. host: good morning. a live view of the u.s. capitol as the rain continues in the east. with congress and recess this week for the thanksgiving holiday, it is a getaway wednesday as millions toward planes, trains, and drive to your destination. of the busieste travel days of the year. we want to focus on the terminals, the roads and the rail lines but carry freight and passengers. this question, is america's transportation infrastructure up to 21st-century first century standards. that is the question this morning. as always, you can join in on the conversation. you can also join us on facebook or send us an e-mail or send us a tweet. this is the headline this morning, front page of " the wall street journal" -- we want to focus on the larger issue of transportation infrastructure. earlier this month the president traveling to the port orleans, saying it is time to spend more money. >> one in nine of our bridges is rated structurally deficient. more than 40% of the major highways are congested. so is our airspace. who is sittin
FOX News
Nov 22, 2013 8:00am PST
from oregon. >> well i think this is a terrific vote for the u.s. senate. we have had a form of paralysis that has afflicted this institution and it has done great disservice to the american people. >> reporter: three democrats voted with republicans yesterday, carl levin of michigan, joe manchin of west virginia and mark pryor of arkansas. levin expressed concern this could lead to more changes in the senate. >> when the precedent is set, that a majority of this body can change the rules at will, which is what majority did today, if it can be changed on judges, or on other nominees, this precedent is going to be used, i fear, to change the rules on consideration of legislation. >> reporter: for now the obama administration will get federal judges approved more quickly. if there is need for cabinet shuffle, it will be easier to appoint new people to the posts. at some points when democrats are out of power, republican leaders are warning they will regret this move. patti ann? jenna: mike emanuel, live in washington, thanks. jon: while the filibuster rule change in the senate
Al Jazeera America
Nov 28, 2013 7:30pm EST
integrate in the league. there is study after academic study that shows that the use of native american mass cots actually allows the dominant culture to turn a blind eye to the very problems on the res that regina describes. the taking on the poverty that she is describing and then the last point if i could the last thing i should say is regina said something profoundly offensive. there are tribal council to tribal council from the choctaw to the american indian movement, who oppose the name, is profoundingly misleading for your audience. >> but suzanne is saying the same thing. regina go ahead and speak and then mike we'll get to you. assembly appreciate that. the crux of the matter, let's go to the declaration of independence, uses the phrase, merciless native american indian. you should be leading the fight with the federal government. i think some of your action he are suspect. i respect some of your work, you have done good work in the past but forfeiting the spotlight on this issue is a disservice for those who live on the res. getting back to the founder of the redskins, any founderr
Al Jazeera America
Nov 20, 2013 6:00am EST
>>> the u.s. supreme court refuses to block the strict texas abortion law. opponents say it will prevent clinics in the state from performing the procedure. a ban on late term abortions is defeated in new mexico's largest city. voters in albuquerque rejected the measure closely watched as a front in the national abortion battle >> calling it a message of blood and death to iran and hezbollah. an al qaeda group taking responsibility for the suicide bombing in beirut. the blast killing 23 people, including a senior irani doipt. >> and desperately needed aid arrives on an island in the philippines where 80% of the people have been left homeless by typhoon haiyan. >> good morning, and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie sy. two decisions in the battle over abortion rights - both with major implications. the supreme court ruled against blocking a restrictive abortion law in texas - at least while it's being repeople. a third of the clinics will have to stay closed. in new mexico voters in albuquerque reject a ban on late-term abortion. in texas - it was a plea to the
Nov 16, 2013 12:00pm EST
inspiration from. the list ranges from the declaration of independence and the u.s. constitution to abraham lincoln's gettysburg address to the bear down the wall speech. this was recorded in the house office building in washington, d.c. >> thank you very much and thank you for everyone here. i appreciate your time and taking time out on the afternoon and coming. i hope it will be different, maybe. it really is a thrill to be here in the house office building. my first memories were in the 70s. many of you were not alive then, but if you can imagine the 70s i was a young girl and i would run up and down the corridors and back then, you could actually take elevators down and go through the tunnels without security. many times i would get lot of and pop lack up somewhere else in congress or over the capital building. this is where i spend a lot of my time growing up. for me it's a particular thrill to be back and thank you very much for having me here. in terms of where i am, i will 5 you a background about the journey to the book. why this book and why our family documents and the history of
Nov 18, 2013 11:00am EST
-handed to address the issues. >> steve saved us by holding it up. >> i have no financial interest in this. i actually can say that. a very good compendium. i would rather start on the highest end of that question where the private sector should be and touch on the comments i made earlier, which again would require a sort of paradigm shift. a paradigm shift in which we try to realize that the internet and technologies from a security perspective have differential that it's not the case the top secret computer i used to use for the government should be the very same computer with the very same protocols that i could buy in any electronics store. that makes no sense, right? it has obvious consequences in terms of moving data between top secret and secret and unclassified networks. we heard a couple of years ago how the consequence on one occasion led to the cyber net, i don't know if riddled is the right work but affected with malware. if a worm could destroy our information base. the first thing is to try to figure out what the technological solutions are. that's going to be a private sector c
Nov 6, 2013 7:00am EST
of u.s. electricity generation based on 2012 figures. renewable makes up about 12% of our electricity, nuclear 19%, natural gas 30%, and coal about 37%. and then of course we've all heard the stories about production in the united states. here's one from reuters that came out the beginning of october. then the "wall street journal" had a similar story about the united states overtaking russia. and they had this chart in their paper recently. take a look at where it's been and where it's going. claire mor, oklahoma, caller: thank you for c-span and thank you for taking my call. my comment is i believe we need a lot more solar focus. host: why is that? caller: well, although i'm a chemical engineer and i make my living and livelyhood in the petroleum and chemical industry, just for several reasons. ing out the fact that -- host: sir what do you do in claire more? caller: i'm a chemical engineer. host: for what company? caller: for a consulting, engineering consulting. host: where is clairemore, oklahoma? guest: just north of tulsa. host: we're focusing on cushing. are you familiar with
Nov 19, 2013 7:00am EST
today. here's how you can do so -- >> if you want to give us your thoughts on the gettysburg address via twitter you can do so. as always, you can e-mail us at >> i hear some of the speech that was delivered back on november 19, 1863. it is by president lincoln. it is rather frustrated dedicated to the great task remaining before us that we take increased devotion to the cause that they gave their last full measure of devotion. perhaps you have thoughts about these lines are presently can delivered back then. social media is available to as well. facebook is it with you can do so. we had a few people posting on this as we started this morning. is facebook page. you can also tweak your thoughts to that c-span wj. the associated press takes a speech thatg the defined a nation. thousands expected to gather today in gettysburg to commemorate lincoln's word. again, you may have thoughts on the speech as well. for first 45 minutes we will look at other topics, but the gettysburg address is what we want you to comment on this morning. the phone numbers will be on yo
Nov 20, 2013 7:00am EST
as well. send us a tweet. or post on facebook. you can also e-mail us. let me show you the president in his own words yesterday. he was interviewed by a columnist for the paper. here is what he had to say about washington gridlock. >> when you go to other countries, the political divisions are so much more stark and wider. america, the difference between democrats and republicans, we are fighting inside the 40 yard line. >> you have fooled most people on that in the past couple of months i would say. betweenld distinguish is rhetoric and tax experts differences. -- people calles me a socialist sometime, but you have to meet a real socialist to have a real sense of what it is. i am talking about lowering the corporate tax rate. my health care reform is based on the private marketplace. stock market looking pretty good last time i checked. true that i am concerned about growing inequality in the system, but no one questions the efficacy of a market economy in terms of producing wealth and innovation and competitiveness. republicans, even the tea party, one of my favorite posting signs.
Nov 22, 2013 7:00am EST
this a day of her membranes for john f. kennedy. the flag at the u.s. capitol is half-staff. a tribute to our president who died in dallas a half-century ago. this is the scene at arlington national cemetery. the final resting place for president kennedy and members of his family. we are focusing on both of these stories. we want to begin on the issue of the nuclear option. the senate action -- we want to hear from you. the numbers are on your screen. join us on facebook, send us an e-mail come a or send us a tweet. let's take a look at some of the headlines from the l.a. times. here in washington is the front page. the senate curbs the filibuster. that is the story above the fold. there is this from the dallas morning news. his courage still inspires us. the kids of 1963. this is available online at their website. story might imagine, the in the u.s. senate -- it eliminates filibusters on most nominees. here are the details. dramatic step the of eliminating filibusters for most nominations by presidents. they say this was necessary to fix a broken system. republicans say it will rupture it f
FOX News
Nov 11, 2013 3:00am PST
'm elisabeth hasselbeck. 10,000 people are feared dead after a typhoon in the philippines. -l this morning u.s. troops are on the ground henning piece together the damage. where is the storm headed next? stay here for details. >> days after a second-term winner, new jersey governor chris christie goes on an all-out media blitz slamming the obamacare debacle. >> anybody who has run anything in their lives could see this coming a mile away. >> more on the jersey governor's advice for the white house. like they'll listen. >> miley cyrus sparking more controversy at another awards show. >> you know, i couldn't put this award in my bag, but i did find this. so thank you guys very much. >> how her latest performance goes up in smoke. "fox & friends," new week, special day starts now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> what a treat on this veterans day morning. you're waking up to the hell cats. it's an ensemble of buglers and drummers from the west point band. >> some of our favorite people from one of our favorite places on one of our favorite dates, to honor those who served this great nation. >> the official nat
Nov 20, 2013 2:00pm PST
about his relationships and his connections. >> you know, a lot of us remember a few years ago, there was a republican congressman from western new york who tweeted a picture, a self-y, if you will, of himself without a shirt. there it is right there. former congressman chris lee. the speaker at that time, john boehner, he had zero tolerance. he basically told this guy, you're out of here. and he resigned in a nanosecond. and this time, they're showing a lot more patience with this other republican freshman congressman. >> i suppose it all has to do about the specific case. in his example, there were questions about whether there might be other things coming down the road that could embarrass him or the congress. but many people take your point, that i spoke to today, said members of congress have actually been thrown under the bus for less than what has happened with trey radel. >> we'll see what happens to him. all right. thanks very much, joe johns reporting. it's not every day a congressman gets busted for cocaine. let's dig a little bit deeper right now with hln law enforc
Nov 24, 2013 11:00am PST
>>> thank you for joining us today for this special eyedition of gps. months ago you would have been laughed at if you said a deal would have been close with iran. we'll watch how it continues to play out in washington and jer roo uselam. newsroom is next with cnn's frederi fredericka whitfield. >> hello everyone. these are the top stories right here this hour in the news room. after years of distrust, suspicion and angry rhetoric with iran. >> for the first time in a decade. we have halted the progress with iran. >> some are calling this deal a major blunder. hear why they are worried and what the white house is doing to calm their fears. >> and it is threatening to deck a nor'easter. at the rush of thanksgiving day travel. >> a historic deal has been struck with iran to scale back on its nuclear program. world leaders representing 7 nations negotiated into the early morning hours in switzerland after days of talks. the deal put restrictions on iran to prevent the country to work toward development of a nuclear weapon. this preliminary deal holds up for about six months. the ob
Nov 8, 2013 12:30am EST
again for joining us. before i turn over to you, i want to walk through there part of the clean air acting the epa will be using to reduce the pollution from the coal power plants. as we listen to your ideas and approaches, we will be thinking about how they fit under this section of the law. president obama has directed the epa to issue a proposal by june of 2014 and take final action by 2015. greenhouse gases are air pollutants at are subject to regulation under the clean air act. we have the authority under section 1-11 of that law and it sets out separate approaches to addressing new sources of pollution. and new sources, epa standards of performance, call nspf, this is the proposal that was signed on september 20th and is available on epa's website for review. this type of standard must reflect the degree of the limitation acheviable through the best system. now source standards address the six common pollutants, but not air toxins. for existing sources covered under section 1-11 d, the subject of this listening section, epa doesn't set ix -- explicit standards -- we set guidel
FOX News
Nov 20, 2013 12:00pm PST
. republican marco rubio today told fox don't blame us. take a listen. >> that's one of the silliest statements i have heard so far about the law. this is nobody's fault than the republican side that the exchange web site isn't working. it's nobody's fault on the republican side that millions of people are in fear of losing their existing coverage. republicans like rubio still pushing for entire law to be repealed. while that is still highly unlikely, what the white house does have to pay attention to is in that cbs news "new york times" poll you mentioned at the top there is a number in there that 43% of the republic are not wanting to repeal it but want changes to the law. that might be the key moving forward that the law survives but there is going to have to be substantive changes. >> the white house is still working to sell obamacare dot public. sending the health and human services secretary tour sign up sites. this was not exactly the photo op. the officials had in mind in miami. >> that's okay it will come back. >> that happens every day. >> secretary sebelius smiled and said nothing as
Nov 24, 2013 7:00am PST
, but not bomb making. the stockpile beyond that level will be diluted or converted so it cannot be used for weapons purposes. they will agree to nuclear inspections including daily visits to some facilities. in exchange, the u.s. agreed to provide $7 billion in sanctions relief. last night, president obama hailed the agreement as a step toward a world that is more secure. >> these are substantial limitations which will help prevent iran from building a nuclear weapon. simply put, they cut off iran's most likely paths to a bomb. meanwhile, this first step will create time and space over six months for more negotiations to fully address the comprehensive concerns about the iranian program. because of this agreement, iran cannot use negotiations as cover to advance its program. >> secretary of state, john kerry who flew to geneva praised the deal, admitting it's just a first step. >> the next phase, let me be clear, will be even more difficult and we need to be honest about it. it will also be more consequential. while we obviously have profound differences with iran, yet to be resolved, t
Nov 25, 2013 11:00pm PST
. president obama said he'd do it. he said he'd end this relentless push for war. he promised to get us home from afghanistan, promised most of all to abort a war with iran. and now he's gone and done it. and we've got the makings of a deal with tehran. to stop explosive conflict. he's done what he's promised. the total opposite of "w" and dick cheney and the neocons. thank god we're at least trying to do the right thing. and the biggest news is that elections do count. candidate obama said he'd change the direction of foreign policy. now he's done what he said he would. tonight we see the lines of battle on every front. obama's trying peace, the other side pushes towards war. obama's party is pushing for democracy in the u.s. senate, the other side hugs the filibuster and the ready chance for default. obama's trying to provide health care for the 40 million uninsured, the other side proposes nothing while ted cruz, of course, proposes nothing but war at home and abroad. yes, on a clear day like today, you can see forever. and what a choice between obama and his enemies. make your pick. howa
FOX Business
Nov 18, 2013 1:00pm EST
about it being used to launder money. dennis: apple looking to go 3d. is trying to buy the company trying to buy the 3d cameras in the 360 connect. lori: as we get the update every 15 minutes, nicole petallides. major milestones be at nicole: it sure is. record day on wall street. not only a record, but some key milestones. dow 16,000, s&p 1800, that is where the big deal comes in because the truth of the matter is this has been a record year on wall street. the dow on track for its 39th record close on the year. that being said, the vex has done a bit of a turnaround. on friday we saw it at three month lows, three and a half month lows, today up 4.25%. at these levels the are they bee more cautionary on wall street? that being said when you look at the s&p 500, there is resistance at the 1802 level. while 1800 sounds like a great level, the traders and analysts looking at 1802 as the resistance area. lori: thank you so much, nicole. dennis: a stock alert. we are watching of microsoft on a downgrade from comerica merrill lynch. cut in the stock to underperform on neutral citing cha
FOX News
Nov 10, 2013 10:00am PST
is overwhelming. an international effort is now gearing up now to help the philippines. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel says they have made available helicopters, aircraft and search equipment to help the relief effort. typhoon haiyan is now bearing down on vietnam. a massive operation to evacuate the coast there is now under way. the typhoon is likely to make landfall in central vietnam near the city of da nang. and we do understand now there are reports that perhaps another typhoon is heading towards the philippines, and that could, of course, hurt the effort to help the people there. back to you, shannon. >> absolutely. david, thank you very much. >>> iran gives practically nothing and it gets a hell of a lot. that's not a good deal. i hope, i can only express my wish, that the p5 plus 1 uses the time to get a good deal that takes away iran's nuclear military capability. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who has lobbied against a deal with iran from the beginning. three days of talks and still no deal on cushing iran's nuclear capabilities, but secretary of state john kerry s
Nov 12, 2013 9:00am EST
. i don't think it should be up. it doesn't matter what i think. buyers are using horton as a move. there's my chance, horton. horton who? >> complacency, complacency. >> you hate to use that term because people have been complacent for a while. >> it's working until it doesn't. >> i love this headline in "usa today" today, "waiting for a 10% correction? don't hold your breath." >> i said there you go. it's going to happen. >> from what level? maybe today. today's the day. because today -- what's going on that we should sell today? >> that we should sell today? >> what happened today? because because of hologic missing on that 3d test, i'm selling. it like, okay, i got to take the money off, i got to get out of this and this thing is too hot. the next thing you know the other guys are up 29%, you're only up 21%. if i go to buy therapeutic, no, that's down. you end up having to buy fedex down a buck and a quarter because that's an opportunity to buy high-quality stocks. >> this they're making moves that don't equate to the underlying business, why should you be buying them? are you
Al Jazeera America
Nov 25, 2013 6:00am EST
. a large and deadly storm system is moving across the u.s., how it could snarl holiday travel plans. and it's the whitest major city in america and one photographer is putting the spotlight on minorities living there. ♪ good morning and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie sy, a gridlock between the u.s. and iran is broken but officials say the difficult part is still to come and they are reacting to a milestone and a deal in geneva that eliminates the nuclear program and paves the way for further steps. >> translator: it has been written clearly in the text of this agreement that iran will continue its enrichment and therefore i announce to the people of iran that enrichment will continue in the same way as before. >> reporter: praise for rihani as they celebrate on the streets and the foreign minister is ambassador for peace on his return from geneva. in the u.s. there is skepticism and shows iran that the white house is weak. >> i think you are going to see on capitol hill again a by partisan effort to try to make sure this is not the final agreement because people know this
Nov 20, 2013 3:00pm PST
stated, "little by little, i have managed to reach a point at which i use no more than a small number of forms d colors." this process found a culminating expression in his eight-foot-high painting "femme," the maquette for the tialallery's tapestry. miro entered the project with much enthusim, stating, "i'll go into this and fight it through with everying i have." over my months, the tapestry took shape in his imagination. finally, in 1976 it waset down rapidly as a maquette. in the ancient catalan city of tarragona, joan miro meets with young master weaver josep royo to discuss the transformation of his painting into a 10-meter-high tapestry. studying a photograph of the maquette, they consider how best to translate miro's art into a heavily- textured weaving, which would capture the spirit of his concept. royo has an enormous task before him. in this converted flour mill in tarragona, many months of preparation are needed before the weaving itself can begin. nearly four miles of heavy cotton line is measured, stretched and chained for use as the tapestry's vertical warp. royo has d
Nov 8, 2013 6:00pm EST
the agency's recognition of palestine. u.s. law compels the automatic withholding of funds from you and agencies that accept palestine as a member, which unesco did in 2011. unesco protects sites with cultural significance and promotes issues ranging from press freedom to girls education. u.s. contributions, which accounted for nearly a quarter of the agency's overall budget, the forced it to slash number of programs. the heads of britain's three spy agencies faced questions before the british parliament or state about surveillance practices revealed by edward snowden, including collaboration with the u.s. national security agency. of mi6, sawyers, head claimed snowden's leaks have caused damage. havee leaks from snowden been very damaging. they have put our operations at risk. it is clear our adversaries are rubbing their hands with glee. al qaeda is laughing it up. >> brazil and germany introduced a united nations resolution to curb unfettered electronic surveillance. according to snowden's links, both countries have been targeted by u.s. spying, including surveillance of their le
Nov 24, 2013 6:30am EST
figure. what sered the soul of america was us watching the horrible way he died. the race to the hospital. taken in the casket to washington, d.c. the whole funeral and shooting of oswald on that sunday. that impressed upon us what kennedy was. there would not have been a camelot had there not been dallas. after that, if you want to separate out the record of the man and the president, that's a different thing. that's moved away from what we are all calling memory. you can't see the films 50 years later without stirring up the emotions you felt. >> terrible weekend. >> secretary of defense. he got more notoriety during johnson's term in office. kennedy's presidency upped the number of advisors and did not send combat troops. >> mismanagement. >> i don't know that you have any evidence to say that. >> he was aware of that. i don't know if he is in that. the kennedy presidency, however short it was was more than vietnam. he walked us back from the brink of nuclear war. he inspired young people to public service and elevated the feelings about what government could do, at the same time, the
Nov 11, 2013 2:00am PST
're with us. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm christine romans. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. berman has the day off. >> nice to have you with us. >>> we begin with what is unfolding in the philippines. more than 10,000 people now feared death in the aftermath of typhoon haiyan. drinking water and food cut off to millions. bodies are littering the streets and hanging from trees as well as. entire villages are gone. haiyan has been downgrade to do a tropical storm but still a killer and slamming into northeast vietnam overnight and we are getting reports of widespread destruction there as well. such a tragedy. we begin our coverage with andrew stephens live in the fips a philippines and can you tell us what is happening now? >> it's evening right now. >> reporter: i'm at the airport which is shattered by this huge tropical storm surge that came through here at 8:00 or 9:00 friday in the morning. a shell here but it's turning into a crucial point for recoveries and for getting relief supplies out to people. at the moment we are seeing relief planes coming in on a fairly regular basis and people walkin
Al Jazeera America
Nov 11, 2013 6:00am EST
in geneva john kerry says the u.s. is skeptical about iran willingness to dismantle the nuclear problem and in italy a rise in cancer rates may be related to toxic dumping that has gone on for decades. and this veteran's day americans paused to reflect on the honor and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. ♪ emergency aid is being rushed to the philippines bringing desperately needed basic essentials to the victims of typhoon high, the record-breaking super storm destroyed villages and hundreds of thousands have no power, food, water or shelter and hospitals are over run and good morning and welcome to al jazeera america, the philippines red cross said 1200 people were killed in the storm but could top 10,000, slowly relief efforts are going to efforts caught off by bridges and roads and they reached the airport on sunday seeking supplies or a way out. a $2 million relief program from the united nation's food program is underway and the u.s. military sent marines for search and rescue efforts and al jazeera has more detail. >> three days after suffering one of the worst typhoons
Al Jazeera America
Nov 11, 2013 8:00pm EST
reporter craig geeson. tell us what the biggest challenge for the government is right now. >> reporter: the biggest challenge is getting the food aid to the people who most need it. i'm standing at the air force base right now, and watching right in front of me, an international cargo transporter pulling in just 150 meters away from me, loaded with relief supplies. international help on its way, and it has been streaming in over the past days. there are three c130s that have been going in and out all day. they are loading them up with supplies and unloading some of the survivors who are being taken to the hospital for the help they need. >> talk about the reports of wide-spread luting, and how that might impact the efforts to provide aid to the people there. >> reporter: i didn't quite catch that question, but i can tell you that they certainly have their hands full here trying to not only find survivors but get the aid that is here to the areas that need it. the main problem they have got with doing that is combatting the luters that have been taking some of that aid. there were repor
FOX News
Nov 25, 2013 4:00pm PST
better. that's it? former senior adviser to president reagan joins us. sir, what do you think is going to happen on november 30th? is this going to be another missed deadline for >> this is getting very red redunda redundant, dana. but more important than that, i agree with sarah palin, the endemic problem, is the whole plan itself, people losing their health care and the rest. this is going beyond crippling barack obama's presidency, destroying hiss credibility. it's destroying or damaging the fundamental progressive idea, the philosophy of the democratic party that the government can really do great and good things and can do them well, given enough time and effort. >> one of the things that the administration has said is that if it is working 80% good enough, that they will consider that success. now if you're an american family that's at home and you're worried, during the holidays that you have lost your insurance or you don't know how to quite get the insurance you want, you won't get the subsidy, you won't get the tax credit, what does that do to trust in governm
Nov 26, 2013 7:00am PST
in the crowd and in line. all poised in front of their tvs. join us today, won't you. it's #onedongma. >>> and it's very cold out there. but it could be worse than it is. that storm, going to make holiday travel a mess. looking live at flightradar24. lets look at the number of planes in the air already this morning. it's going to be a busy day with so many delays. you know too well about this, sam. >> wednesday, the big travel day delays on that day, as well. the good news here is that we're pretty much out of it on thursday. let's get everybody settled in to where the storm is right now. our area of low pressure that's caused so much problems in the south and the middle of the country is probably hanging right now right along the gulf coast. this low drives towards atlanta. passes north carolina. and moves towards new york city. right about this time tomorrow, the low is parked outside our doors in times square, spinning some of the worst wind and rain in our area. between now and then, it has the east coast to get to and a lot of folks traveling in the next 24 hours. there's some sn
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